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  1. beth
    2014/05/31 at 09:07:49

    give me the prices for clear pvc 1/2″ 12mm x 16mm x 1.5mm thickness
    3/4″ 19mm x 24mm x 2mm thickness

    1/2″ 12mm x16mm x 1.5
    3/4″ 19mm x 24mm x 2 thickness

  2. beth
    2014/05/22 at 11:48:54

    am looking for a good supplier of hosepipes.I deal with mostly with the following types, clear and threaded.non-toxic.flexible and good a bulk buyer.mostly my import hosepipes are 1/2″ and 3/4″ .length from 25m/60m/100m/200m.I would like to know what prices you can offer me and also if your factory does logo printing.please get back to me.

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