flexible pvc spring hose

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flexible pvc spring hose


  • flexible
  • steel wire reinforced
  • Transparent

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Flexible pvc spring hose.

The pvc spring hose is steel wire reinforced hose,produced with new pvc material.

Mostly, it is Transparent,without any color.

1.It has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and minus pressure.

2.Be enduring of high intensity, strong pulling force,and convenient for installation and transportation.

SAM_3541 SAM_3543 SAM_3544 SAM_3550 SAM_3551 SAM_3557

Specification 3/4″ to 8″
Length 20M~100M
Thickness 5mm~20mm
B.P. 0.5~3.3 Mpa
M.P. -0.1~1.1 Mpa
Packaging Details: PE Film or as your requirement./
Delivery Detail: Within 20 days after receive the deposit

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