high pressure pvc gas hose

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high pressure pvc gas hose


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High pressure pvc gas hose


high pressure pvc gas hose is specially used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, compressors, engine components, machinery service tools, pesticide spraying machines and high pressure washing machine.


high pressure pvc gas hose is being made of tough pvc materials and high tensile knitted polyester reinforcement, high pressure pvc spray hose can work under high working pressure.

high pressure pvc gas Hose is light, flexible, durable, anti-erosion, explosion resistant, and adaptable to hard weather conditions.

High tensile synthetic fiber spiraled


Yellow or other color flexible PVC ,surface of cover can be smooth and corrugated

pvc high pressure gas hose  Suitable for : water, chemical, Gas etc.

Working temperature: high pressure pvc gas hose can work in -5°C-+65°C.

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