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Calendered, laminated, extrusion coating processing of several important techniques, the composite coating is a plastic one of the important applications of technology. Italian equipment suppliers for different applications, the development of new coating equipment, has to adapt to a wider range of efficient, processed products, both aesthetic and mechanical performance.
The main features of Italian equipment manufacturer Comerio Ercole developed the Cema rolling production line is a compact and versatility, the device can be used for processing a variety of materials: semi-rigid and soft pvc, PUR, CPE and PP. In addition, the thermoplastic material laminated to paper, cloth, fabric, woven or thin film substrate.
According to the specific requirements in the calender auxiliary equipment directly on the plastic sheet embossed, embossing roller device can be quickly replaced with the next auxiliary equipment. At present, the supply of rolling production line roller height of between 1,600 – 3,200 mm, the maximum production speed of 70 m / min, the rolling material thickness ranging from 0.04-1.0 mm.
The small footprint of the production line, the required operator, all parameters are easy to set up, high efficiency, very suitable for the occasion of the product variety or specifications often need to be replaced. Compared to the cost of initial investment and rolling system is not high.
Automatic feeding some of the general powder storage position, the liquid component management system, weighing device, bagged additives feeding system and a cooler turbo mixer. Compact of the production line by a 2-stage planetary screw extruder, three-roll rolling machine, embossing institutions, pick-up and cooling mechanism, the substrate is automatically unwinding machines, traction, thickness gauges and control systems and automatic winder.
3-roll calender consists of a horizontal sliding along the roller conveyor and a 2 order of the planets with a temperature control device screw extruder feed, with a metal detector to prevent the feeding with a metal powder . 3-roll calender with embossing, pick-up and cooling mechanism. Calender frame with reinforcing ribs, and after extended treatment (distension treatment), in order to give optimal rigidity to prevent distortion and vibration.
Using this particular structure, the side of the box only play a supportive role, does not prevent the regulatory agencies. In fact, all mechanical components are fixed on the frame. In this way, not only the required process conditions can be easily adjust the optimization of all mechanical parameters, equipment maintenance is also very convenient.
Calender roll with a special electric heating system, temperature can be adjusted between 50 to 220 ° C, the entire roller width on the uniform heating, the temperature deviation of ± 1 ° C. Each roller universal joint drive alone and is equipped with the hydraulic system of all-digital electronic control regulation. Use of the hydraulic adjustment system, the precise positioning of the rolling roll, accuracy can be up to 5μm and 2μm.
The embossed institutions designed embossing roll to easy replacement, fast and easy pressure to the roller made of another elastic material of high thermal resistance. Pick-up and cooling bodies are also integrated in the calender, according to the specific production requirements to provide different scenarios.
Substrate retire Volume institutions can be a simple storage rack or no storage feeder automatic continuous body, the substrate can be replaced in the case of non-stop production line, and can save more space. Traction at the exit of the unwinding machine controlled by the load cell to ensure that the tension imposed on the substrate. Coiling machine, the product volume in the case of non-stop production line replacement. The winder is equipped with cutting edge systems. Several technical solutions can be provided according to specific requirements to meet the different applications, even with automatic traction, weighing and packaging products volume. The calender function is also dependent on the level and quality of the electrical / electronic equipment, has also developed a rolling production line management system hardware and software.
PVC coated paper have no doubt that the economic and technical advantages and practical features, so it has replaced the expensive book binding material, such as leather or cloth. Can be used two techniques to produce this product: one is directly to the PVC slurry coating on the substrate sheet of paper, another approach is the paper and calendered PVC film laminated together.
Laminated process can be completed on the calender, can also be off on a laminating machine, laminating machine can also be embossed by the same procedure with the calender. Offline process can also be laminated and embossed before printing on the film, but the need to use adhesives to ensure adhesion between the film – paper. After the end of the laminated and embossed, but also other final processing, such as “repoussé coloring”, that is, only the embossed structure of the protruding part of the printing and dyeing, two-color effect.
ISOSKIN The company has developed a new type of extrusion coating production line suitable for production to meet a variety of occasions, the application of synthetic leather: clothing, appliances, travel products, footwear and automotive industries. The coating products are used in clothing and has a special soft feel, and a high degree of beauty, such as glass luster, and can simulate a large number of natural surface. Coated product can be beautiful and special mechanical properties such as wear resistance, scratch resistance and flex to combine. They also have a breathable, waterproof and resistance to chemicals and other performance.
ISOSKIN according to production requirements of the transformation for the production of small water-based or solvent-based coating products, foam, breathable or single coated products. Series of extrusion lines including Single Head of the width of the sample used for production of industrial pilot extruder, to meet all the “wet stick”, the hot cylinder laminated, 3 head or 4 head of the combination of single-coating process extrusion lines, as well as complex nose manufacturing extrusion lines requested by the user.

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