PVC drain construction common cause of the problem and measures

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Pipe adhesive quality problems Upvc pipe and snakeskin pipe pieces during the Eighth Five of scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Construction in 1996 to promote the project. Due to its good economic performance and features, widely used across the country, there are many unscrupulous companies to reap huge profits, mass production can not meet the requirements of UPVC pipe and fittings, many construction units in order to save costs by choosing only the cheapest to buy, resulting in the poor quality of materials used in the construction. Upvc Pipe of the poor quality of the crisp, thin wall thickness, and easy to break. Causing leaks, and the the poor adhesive volatile energy difference, can not achieve the strength requirements, I have found that a low-grade adhesive in the last two days after does not dry, actually between the pipe and fittings can also rotate, so be sure to strengthen the management of materials approach strictly stock quality, eliminate inferior entering the site. Supporting the supply of pipes, fittings and adhesives should be the same formal plant.

Second, piping is installed correctly

1, the slope

UPVC drainage pipe installed in the most common problems is the slope of the pipeline can not be achieved even Irony slope requirements specification, resulting in poor drainage, causing this phenomenon for a variety of reasons, some because of the quality of the construction workers is not enough, you can not pay attention to this issue, the random construction, some parts because drainage channels other pipeline causing obstruction, can not meet the requirements. We have to keep in mind the principle of “pressure tube so no pressure tube” construction, the slope of the drain pipe immutable factors guide the construction, this problem will not occur.

2, supports and hangers

The UPVC plastic products, its stiffness is far less than the cast iron pipe, coupled with its expansion coefficient must therefore be reasonable to choose to support.

Often found in the construction of some UPVC drainage pipe supports and hangers focus enough, some hanging bars enough straight, plus rubber pad between the mounting bracket flat steel hoop with PVC pipe, part of the non-existent, the riser on each floor should set a solid mounting bracket, mounting bracket can control the direction of pipeline expansion can also share riser weight, the risers Deto cross tube connected to the tube head from the pressure is too large, caused the pipeline rupture leaks, while Li bottom of the tube should also be set up to buttress or hanger fixed.

Selection and installation of fittings

1, expansion joints and inspection openings

Drainage riser installation, construction units, in order to save costs, often missing equipment or less than the expansion joints, which do not meet the specification requirements. Hard PVC pipe a plastic expansion must be relatively large, telescopic amount that is subject to the influence of temperature is much larger than the steel pipe, we sometimes see UPVC Drainage slide out or up bend at the joints, is less due to missing equipment installed expansion joints or telescopic amount not set a good reason.

The correct installation method: When storey 4m, should be determined in accordance with the amount of design telescopic design telescopic amount should not be greater than the maximum allowable expansion joint expansion amount.

The same examination of the mouth of the role can not be ignored, and construction site staff mix, some people readily disassembly inspection port cap on the drain pipe, construction units the easy way in the construction using adhesive sticky died inspection port cap, often in need the demolition inspection mouth dredge pipeline difficult to open the inspection port the inspection openings into the furnishings.

2, oblique three-way with a 90-degree three-way

In each floor cross riser pipe at construction workers are often 90 degrees three fittings, in fact, this is wrong, this approach has several disadvantages: prone to clogging, poor water drainage system airflow horizontal tube fluctuations are not set dedicated risers, sanitary ware, water seal can easily be destroyed, toxic and harmful odors within the drainage channels into the interior, affecting people living office. The correct approach is to set oblique three links here.

3, and leave out the trap

The floor drain is now often done beautifully, publicity odor, pest control and other functions, so many construction workers often overlook the ground leave out the trap that has floor drain water seal, does not require a separate set the trap, however, Note that sold on the general market buckle bowl to drain the normal water seal height of 30mm, while the water seal specification predetermined height should be greater than 50mm, so no separate trap to leaking seals easily damaged, Another ground of some the user suspected buckle bowl drain water is too slow, and sometimes remove the buckle bowl, causing the odor went indoors to leave out of the trap is essential.

Building UPVC Drainage construction, easy installation, the installation must be in strict accordance with the relevant specifications listed above UPVC Drainage installation is prone to some problems, as well as practical solutions of Wuhu sea fir profiles Professional technicians on the UPVC drainage The tube construction technology more perfect and mature, so that the PVC drain to a wider range of applications.

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