PVC pipe fittings using special resin material

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PVC pipe fittings with special resin particles regularity is more than 0.90, pore primary appropriate, the apparent density 15% higher than the ordinary type more, and dry good fluidity, easy plasticized melt fluidity, to meet such as large diameter pipe and other high-speed extrusion requirements, improve production capacity extruder PVC resin.

Global production of PVC pipes and fittings have been very commonly used in resins. And domestic development and application of this resin is still in a preliminary stage, Tianjin Chemical Plant, the North East Su chlor-alkali company, Beijing Chemical Plant has successively developed a special resin, although the apparent density indeed increased, but the presence of residual VCM capacity, other indicators still a gap from the processing requirements, especially when compared with foreign special resin limited large distances, there is considerable difficulty. Thus, the domestic pvc pipe fittings manufacturing plant and research units, PVC pipe should increase efforts to develop a special resin, pipe processing plant to meet actual needs, to improve their competitiveness will also greatly benefit.

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