pvc water garden hose

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pvc water garden hose


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pvc water garden hose

pvc water garden hose have good quality ,but cheap in price ,can widely used for irrigation and washing in the parks and so on.
pvc water garden hose

pvc water garden hose   applications:

kaiyuan  pvc water garden hose   is good for quality ,our garden water hose can be widely used for irrigation and washing in the parks ,community ,factories and families.

Pvc Garden Hose

pvc water garden hose characteristics:

kaiyuan pvc water garden hose is colorful ,light ,flexible,elastic,portable  and with excellent adaptability.Kaiyuan pvc water garden hose  will be your good choice.

Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic fibre spiraled

flexible, glossy, our pvc water garden hose is of good resistance to weather, ozone and ultraviolet light.

PVC Garden Hose

1).PVC water garden hose made of superior quality pvc material with fibric reinforcement

2).light, durability and flexible with good weather resistance.

3).Available for watering in garden and household water supply.

PVC Garden Hose

1/2″,3/8′,5/8″,3/4″,1/2″ are available

Green,yellow,red,black,blue are available


If you are interested in our  pvc water garden hose,please contact us for a inquiry.

the working  temperature of kaiyuan pvc water garden hose from -5 °C to +65 °C, can used in most season of the year.

Garden Hose (2)


welcome to contact us and choose our pvc water garden hoses,maybe we can become friends,if you want learn more  information,you can visit our website http://www.wfkyhose.com.

pvc garden hose


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