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The plastic tube is divided into what kinds?-pvc hose manufacturer - Pvc Hose Manufacturer,supplier,OEM – Weifang Kaiyuan Plastic Co., Ltd.

The plastic tube is divided into what kinds?

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What is PPC type of plastic, how to identify from the appearance?

Answer: PPC PP class, all known as chlorinated polypropylene, used in the manufacture of daily necessities, electrical appliances and so on.

I engage in waste plastic crushing, “ Will the waste plastics are some of what price?

Answer: polypropylene material (woven) :1200-1600 yuan / ton; polypropylene material (basin barrel material) :2100-2600 yuan / ton; polyethylene (soft material) 2300-2400 to 3300 yuan / ton; polyethylene (hard materials ) :2700-3800 yuan / ton; polyvinyl chloride :2500-3100 yuan / ton; foam :2000-3300 yuan / ton; polyester (mineral water bottles) :5000-5800 yuan / ton;

(Disclaimer: the data for reference only, please refer to the offer date.)

For the production of HDPE gas pipe, the water supply of the raw material is what model?

The answer: the raw materials used in the production of HDPE gas pipe, water supply, PE80, PE100

4, PPN is the material?

: Of PPN is a type of polypropylene.

5, the EVA now has the best flexibility, which produced? What grades? To be made of soft polyvinyl chloride for injection what ah?

Answer: made of EVA is basic in Beijing, divided into extrusion grade 14 (VA = 14) general purpose membrane 18 (VA = 18) foams, and injection molding grade (VA = 5) food packaging film.

PVC used in injection molding is generally the type 5 and 3.

Will the PPU of this plastic Chinese What is it?

Answer: The PPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane.

7, how to identify PVC plastic, PVC, recycling granulator? Taken by the way? The regeneration of the PVC market (2004-12-4)?

Answer: 1) PVC Chinese name: PVC.

Identification of burning, softening or melting temperature range: 75 ~ 90 ° C; combustion conditions: hard to soften; burning flame state: on the yellow under green smoke; away from the fire situation: from the fire goes out; Odor: pungent smell.

Solvent treatment identification, solvent: tetrahydrofuran, cyclohexanone, the ketone, dimethyl formamide; non-solvent: methanol, acetone, heptane.

2) can be regenerated granulation.

3) PVC recycling process includes the following six steps:

(1) of PVC waste pretreatment; (2) selectively dissolved in a mixed solvent; (3) separation of the insoluble substances; (4) recycled PVC precipitation; (5) dried; (6) recycling and recycle solvents

4) the current price of 8200 yuan / ton (2004-12-4).

8, what is the use of ethylene-propylene rubber?

Answer: ethylene propylene rubber ternary and ethylene propylene rubber, a general purpose: all of the molded products; heat-resistant hose within the hose and the car; manufacture of electrical components; very excellent extrusion properties, you can glue with high viscosity kinds of blends to improve its extrusion.

9, the beverage bottle to do what is expected?

Answer: The general PP (polypropylene) do.

10, LL0412 LL0501 LL0503 LL0504 LL0505 represent what model in which manufacturers?

Answer: LL said of LLDPE; the last four numbers represent the time of delivery, the first two for the year, after the two said in January. For example, LL0505 variety of transactions LLDPE, delivery way? 005 years in May. And so on.

11,5000 S raw materials is a linear plastic?

The answer: The 5000S is a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), is not linear plastic.

12, looking for a plastic can withstand high temperatures over 200 degrees about.

A: PTFE to meet these requirements.

In addition, special high-temperature engineering plastics fluorine plastic silicone polyether ether ketone, polyether imide liquid crystal polymer. Modified nylon, resistant to temperatures above 250 degrees.

13, ABS, belonging to the modified polystyrene?

Answer: The ABS is acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene copolymer, does not belong to the modified polystyrene, modified polystyrene belong to the PS.

What is the difference of 14, high pressure polyethylene hope and low pressure polyethylene Greek?


The high-pressure polyethylene (HPPE) is low density polyethylene (LDPE);

Low pressure polyethylene (LPPE,) is the high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

15, I would like to do recycled plastic granules factory, but do not know those bags are what is expected, such as PP, ABS, and so on.


Generally to do with PP woven bags; the ABS rigid and strong, generally used to do shell parts.

16, Noryl SE1 GFN3 is the what type of plastic raw materials, what is the name?

Of Lexan 940 is what type of plastic raw materials, what is the name? Price?


Of Lexan 940 GE Plastics production of PC, the market price of about 34000. The Noryl the SE1 GFN3J is also the GM, PPO, and the market price of around 35,000.

17, the ABS proportion?


The ABS density of about 1.05 grams per cubic centimeter, slightly heavier than water, has a tough, hard and rigid.

18, I ask MSRESIN ATRATE, the TYPE is what type of plastic, what is the name, the price is the number of production?


MSRESIN for MS resin, a transparent plastic raw materials, the general injection molding and extrusion molding, the transparency is close to the PMMA, for optical elements / toys / shade lighting / OA accessories / food container / household appliances / building materials; mostly in Japan and Taiwan, import, offer 15,500 – 18.3 thousand or so.

19 What is the English code of scrap acrylic. Scrap price is about?


Acrylic (ACRYLIC) is a special plexiglass.

PMMA, commonly known as plexiglass, also known as acrylic or acrylic, and more people in Hong Kong called acrylic, is an early development of important thermoplastic, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance and easy stain easy processing, beautiful appearance, has been widely applied in the construction industry.

Transparent acrylic scrap price of about 10000; Close of the year, acrylic scrap market is out of stock.

20, PS material with ABS material performance difference?


PS plastic (polystyrene) material properties: electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation) fine, colorless, transparent, light transmittance after the plexiglass, colored water resistance, good chemical stability, general strength, but crisp, easy to produce brittle fracture stress, impatience benzene. gasoline and other organic solvents suitable for the production of insulating transparent trim and chemical equipment and optical instruments, and other parts. forming properties: 1. amorphous material, moisture small, not to be fully dry, not easily broken down, but the coefficient of thermal expansion, and easy to produce internal stress. good liquidity available screw or a plunger type injection molding machine. 2. to use the high material temperature, mold temperature, low injection pressure, to extend the injection time to reduce the internal stress to prevent shrinkage deformation .3. available in various forms gate, gate and plastic parts arc connected, so as not to damage the plastic parts in place gate. Demoulding, uniform top . plastic pieces of uniform thickness, preferably without the insert, if inserts should be preheated.

ABS (Acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene), light yellow granular or beaded opaque resin, non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption. With excellent mechanical properties, excellent low temperature impact resistance, excellent electrical properties, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, dyeability. Ease of molding processing. ABS water resistant, inorganic salts, alkalis and acids, insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, soluble in aldehydes, ketones, esters and some chlorinated hydrocarbons. The shortcomings of the ABS is flammable, heat distortion temperature is low, the weather is poor. Combustion characteristics: flammable; away from the fire continues to burn; flame yellow, thick black smoke; softening, blistering; acrylonitrile taste. Solubility: soluble solvent: dichloromethane; insoluble solvents: alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and water. Applications: automotive, machinery and equipment, electronic appliances and so on.

21, the syringe used is what PP material? Can not be recycled? About how much a ton?


Syringe with the PP is called a random copolymer PP can be recycled, price including tax 13,000 or so

Waste syringe is medical waste, and even use, so as to avoid harming.

Friends recommend in South Korea RP340R (MI25) or 370Y (MI18); and strongly recommended that do not go back to the material, because it is likely to cause medical malpractice.

22, waste PET use, price, processing technology?


Purposes: mainly used for regeneration of pet fiber, sheet, non-food packaging bottles, the use of the development: building materials, food packaging and containers, the Japanese company has taken advantage of the polymer alloy improved technologies to renewable pet processing into a performance superior to pet a new material manufactured by powder coating. Price: not found a public offer, is basically a single meeting.

Process: Japan’s Teijin has developed a waste PET bottle, the DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) and EG (ethylene glycol) cycle, the first waste PET bottle crushing and washing, and then dissolved in EG EG boiling point temperature and 0.1MPa pressure, PET depolymerization, generating double a terephthalic acid hydroxyethyl methacrylate (BHET). And then filtered to remove residues and additives, BHET reacts with methanol, the methanol boiling point temperature and 0.1MPa pressure after the transesterification reaction of DMT and EG. After distillation, the DMT and EG were separated, and then by recrystallization process, DMT refined; EG was purified by distillation, methanol can be recycled. Recovery of DMT and EG purity of 99.99%, comparable to the cost of the production costs and general DMT and EG method. DMT can be converted into pure TPA (terephthalic acid), used to make bottle-grade PET resin. Circulation device can generate about 10 percent of the company’s production of the raw material of resin used.

23, the waste plastic is classified?


Types of commonly used plastic waste can be divided into PE, PP, PVC, PET, and the EPS, the ABS, PA, etc.; which PE plastic greenhouse material, industrial packaging film, lactic acid drinks bottles, detergent bottles, etc.; PP woven bags, packaging belt, tied belay, part of the car bumpers, PVC plastic door and window profiles, pipes, etc.; of PET Coke, Sprite, tea beverage bottles; commonly known as the EPS foam.

24, the chemical name of the waste plastics, as well as a variety of waste plastics made of particles can do what plastic products.

For example, mineral water bottles made of particle can do what? Its chemical name?

Bags made of particles What can you do?


Thermoplastic manufactured goods recovered granulation, known as recycled plastic, and its name is ** recycled materials.

In theory, its use is slightly narrower than the new material. For recovery and recycling the specificity of technical standards and finished use: such as food packaging, medical, etc. (in order to avoid damage to the human body, generally of such products without recycled material).

To developed countries advanced recycling technology and strict recycling system so that the performance of recycled materials close to the new material, even through this, synthesis can develop new uses.

Domestic technology is backward, and so far, the recycled plastic granules have not introduced corporate standards or national standards. Plastic recycled materials, uneven quality, its use according to their specific technical indicators.

25 organic plastic (acrylic) Code What is it?

Answer: Acrylic (ACRYLIC) is a special plexiglass, referred to as PMMA

26, nylon school name?


Nylon also known as PA or polyamide.

27, the hospital with the kind of infusion tube with plastic to do?

Answer: PVC, PE

28, PTFE purposes?


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) commonly known as the King of plastics production and the largest amount of fluorine plastic varieties, accounting for about 70% of the entire fluorine plastic production, chemical, mechanical, electrical, construction, electronics, automotive and many other areas

29 Will the PPR relevant information? Aluminum-plastic PPR composite pipe and stainless Gang PPR composite pipe.


No recent, no quotations.

PPR pipe products for industrial and civil life, health drinking water supply and hot water heating system, upgrading of products to replace the copper pipe and galvanized pipe can be used to: a residential hot and cold water systems, clean water, pure water pipe 3 industrial water and chemicals transportation, emissions of four hot water circulation system of compressed air pipe 6 food and beverage production and transportation system other industrial, agricultural pipe.

The plastic composite pipe is widely used in urban construction of water supply, gas, petrochemical and other areas of environmental protection ideal pipe. Plastic composite pipe has the dual advantages of metal and plastic; high temperature high pressure, corrosion-resistant; smooth inner wall, the resistance is small scale, non-toxic, pollution-free, antistatic, thermal insulation, easy to cut, processing.

Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe Applications:

Industry: a variety of instruments, meters, shielding conduit, insulation catheter, various gases, liquids medium pipeline.

Construction: building indoor cold, hot water, gas ducts, hot and cold pipes for solar water heaters, low-temperature radiant heating pipes.

Agriculture: nursery, orchard, garden sprinkler pipe and other irrigation works with the pipe.

Public utilities: hotels, hotel cold, hot water pipes, hospital oxygen piping, food pipeline, various air-conditioner pipe, ship a variety of channels.

30, the plastic used in the spring is what is expected?


Spring the plastic properties of the main requirements: 1, the deformation energy V value (ie, the spring modulus E value), strength, fatigue strength, easy processing of the molding

Thermosetting fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) deformation energy V value is larger than the average metal can be compared with the spring steel; and its high strength, stress was a one-way distribution is the ideal material for manufacturing leaf springs.

Main 31, ABS.PS.PP.PE and other properties of the materials use and the difference of the label.


ABS has good rigidity, high impact strength, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength and excellent electrical performance, ease of processing, processing of dimensional stability and surface gloss, easy painting, coloring, you can also spray metal , electroplating, welding and bonding and other secondary processing performance. Main applications: automotive, appliance, electronics / electrical appliances, building materials, ABS, alloys / blends

PS electric insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) fine, colorless, transparent, light transmittance after the plexiglass, colored water resistance, good chemical stability, general strength, but the crisp, easy to produce brittle fracture stress, intolerance of benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents suitable for the production of insulating transparent trim and chemical apparatus. optical instruments and other parts.

PE is basically divided into three categories, namely, high pressure low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). The film is the main processing products, followed by the hollow sheet and coating, bottles, cans, barrels and other containers and other kinds of injection molding and blow molding products, pipe and wire and cable insulation and sheathing. Mainly used in packaging, agriculture and transportation sectors.

pp cheap, light, good processability and versatile catalysts and development of new technology to further promote the expansion of application fields, it was said: “As long as there is a product of the material is plastic alternative, this product has the use of polypropylene potential. ” Main purposes: bags, tarps, consumer durables: such as cars, home appliances and carpet and so on.

32, PC commonly used products, what kinds of VCD discs and packaging boxes in plastic?


Polycarbonate (PC) material has the advantages of lightweight, transparent, high strength, seismic and processing performance in the 50 years of development, applications continue to expand.

Application of PC products, has penetrated into the automotive, construction, medicine, clothing and other industries, the PC lights, the light waves in the PC car sunroof, car communication system fiber-optic transducers, transparent ceiling roof, PC sheet, PC injection tube, in addition to Beyond this, the swimming pool at the bottom of the lighting system, solar collection system, high-definition large television screens, textiles, some new areas and ultimately the figure of the PC material of the fabric material identification chips labeled fibers PC products are for the line various sectors to contribute to its potential applications will be developed further.

CD-ROM is the most familiar PC applications, it is moving in the direction of large-capacity, the new DVD’s storage capacity is expected to reach 100 billion bytes.

33, pc performance


High impact strength, dimensional stability models, colorless, transparent, good coloring, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, but the moisture sliding, stress cracking tendency, high temperature hydrolysis easy compatibility with other resins.

34, China is now the largest market for recycled plastic is a few places?


New material transaction active region, the trading of renewable materials is also more active, for example, Yuyao, Guangdong, Shandong and other places.

35, ACETAL (acetal acetaldehyde), commonly known as what is expected? Performance?


ACETAL acetal acetal two ethanol; commonly known as steel (Hong Kong and Taiwan, said: plastic steel); buckle can be used as outdoor supplies, high stiffness, moisture, can be used in cold or dry environment.

36, 180-degree deformation of plastic raw materials which?


Aromatic nylon high temperature can reach 260 ℃, fluorine plastic resistant to such high temperatures.

37, PP powder generic material? Injection with the drawing as GM? It can replace PP? Market price how much? Answer:

PP plastic are common plastic. Powder and pellets can be substituted as long as the equipment, the current market price of about 10200.

38, will the oil prices of Brent, WTI, OPEC oil prices is how to analyze, the level of oil futures is to see now after plastic trend is high or low?


Cost-push principle: the role of crude oil – naphtha – ethylene – Polyethylene – plastic products, the price of crude oil and plastics the general trend is consistent with the (short-term departure from the normal), but this effect should have a theory a certain lag effect is not as such a reaction of the domestic plastics market is so sensitive. International oil prices on the domestic plastics market is mainly the impact of the state of mind, as well as the role of a herd mentality.

When the market return to rational, the plastic supply and demand of the market will price will increase.
Press the plastic synthetic resin molecular structure and thermal Bear. Plastic can be

, A thermoplastic Division, another is a thermosetting plastic.

1) the characteristics of the thermoplastic

1) resin molecular structure was linear or text chain.

2) when heated to soften, when you reach a certain humidity was molten state, as

Can the flow of viscous bunker, under certain pressure can be formed into a certain shape,

Forming the shape after cooling can be maintained. If re-heating can be softened, beginning

Financial, repeated forming.

3) in the forming process of heating, cooling only physical change and no chemical change


(2) the characteristics of thermosetting plastics.

Figure 1) resin molecular structure.

2) the beginning of heating. The shade of molecules continued to show a linear structure, still has a hot

Plastic plastic plasticity. Continue heating, linear main chain break formation of

School chain binding (crosslinking). Molecules showed a net-shaped structure, when the temperature reaches a certain value

Molecules into the body structure, tree brittle transition neither baking melt without dissolved

And then change the shape. Repeat no longer soften when heated, no longer has plasticity.

3) during the forming process both physical changes and chemical changes.

Thermoplastic polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS, polypropylene

Polystyrene, nylon, praise formaldehyde.

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